RĒL Rewards

RĒL Dollars Recycling Program Coming Soon!

Sign up for our recycling program to start earning rewards and get more from your vaping experience.

Get one FREE RĒL Dollar just for joining!

Earning and Redeeming RĒL Rewards is easy

Earn Rewards By Recycling RĒL Vape Products
RĒL Vape recycling bins are located inside dispensaries that sell our products. You earn 1 RĒL Dollar for each RĒL product you drop off at our recycling bins!

Redeem In Store
Redeem RĒL Dollars for eligible products at your local participating dispensary.

Redeem Online (Coming Soon)
Redeem your RĒL Dollars online in our Swag Shop.


RĒL cares about the environment, and we urge RĒL Vape users who do not wish to participate in our RĒL Rewards Program to dispose of used vaporizer batteries at a local battery & cellphone recycling location http://www.call2recycle.org/locator/

The Fine Print

How do I join the program?
Subscribe to our mailing list and opt-in to RĒL Rewards. You will receive an email confirming your new RĒL Rewards account number. We’ll give you 1 FREE RĒL Dollar reward just for joining!

How do I recycle RĒL products?
Return your empty products to one of our recycling bins located inside any dispensary that sells RĒL Vape.

How do I redeem my RĒL Dollars?
There are 2 ways to redeem your RĒL Bucks:

  1. Get free swag online –  (Swag Shop Coming Soon!)
  2. At participating dispensaries – Login to your account to print a voucher that can be redeemed in store for eligible swag and products. Please note that vouchers are one-time use only, issued in the name of the RĒL Rewards account holder. Notifications will be sent to the email address used to sign up for your RĒL Rewards account. The voucher will be collected at the time of redemption by the dispensary.

How do I update the address on my RĒL Bucks account?

Login into your account to update your profile information at any time. We will send an email confirmation that the information has been updated to the email address registered to the account.

What if I have questions about my RĒL Bucks account?

Send an email to support@relvape.com with your name and account number. We will respond to the email address registered to the account.

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